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Snowboarding Snowman by Fantastic Craft


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  • Designed in the United States
  • Fantastic Craft is Family-Owned
  • Hand-Crafted Pieces

Here in Montana, we know snow like none-other. The cold winters greet us with amazing snow to ski and snowboard, but bitter cold that makes our vehicles seize up and fail. We are blessed with calm mornings but also blizzards that give us visibility to the end of the driveway. Since we get so much snow, our snowmen that we build tend to be bigger and wilder than the rest of America's Snowmen. Some of our snowmen like to ski, others like to golf. Many of our snowmen like to greet people from the front yard, while others like to snowboard with their long "ski-bum like" mane and impress all the snow-women. 

Once you introduce this fun having snowman into your home, you'll hopefully notice an elevated drive to get outside and enjoy the snow like you did when you were a kid! The cold ain't so bad after all. Let this Snowboarding Snowman bring some active ideas into the family and have a wonderful winter. Get yours today!   


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