Soft Pink Elephant Warmies from Intelex USA


SKU: 73772
  • Approximately 13"
  • Warm in microwave for 90 seconds
  • Suitable for all ages

Make the best investment in your comfort and relaxation with Soft Pink Elephant Warmies! This little guy will offer hours of cozy comfort after just 90 seconds in the microwave. With a gentle lavender scent, all your worries from the day will slowly melt away.

Just pop your Warmies soft plush animal or apparel in the microwave to provide hours of cozy warmth. Each Warmies item is gently scented with French lavender carefully sourced from local growers in Provence, France to create a truly relaxing experience with each use. Your Warmies product can be reheated hundreds of times so you can enjoy holding it tight night after night. Whether you’re looking for a snuggle buddy for your little ones or something to soothe your aching muscles and joints after a long day, Warmies are perfect for all ages.