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Sparkling Icicle Ornament by Old World Christmas (2 colors)


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  • Blown Glass Ornament
  • Hand Painted
  • Please remember to mention what style you prefer in the comments section of your order and we will do our best to respect your request. Please note if a style is not selected we will select one for you. 

Ice is one of the most annoying parts of winter. It makes everything slippery, from the roads where you have to go twenty under the speed limit to your front porch where you nearly break your butt every day. However, ice is also one of the most beautiful parts of winter. It creates pretty patterns on your windows and clings to trees, making everything shimmer and shine. Turn your home into a Winter Wonderland with the beautiful Sparkling Icicle Ornament by Old World Christmas. The Sparkling Icicle Ornaments by Old World Christmas are beautiful mouth-blown glass ornaments that have been carefully hand-painted. Get into the holiday spirit this Christmas season by hanging the Sparkling Icicle Ornaments by Old World Christmas on your Christmas Tree!

 Old World Christmas was founded in 1979 by Tim and Beth Merck and has evolved into one of the premier Christmas ornament designers in the industry. The difference with an Old World product is the labor-intensive steps they use throughout the manufacturing process to ensure the utmost quality. Using methods developed in the 1800s, molten glass is blown into handcrafted molds, then hand-painted with a delightful attention to detail, ensuring that each ornament is as beautiful as the last!