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Sticks and Stones Cookbook by Ted Reader and Kathleen Sloan


SKU: 18544

Western Book: The “Sticks and Stones Cookbook” is one of those unique Cookbooks which offers recipes for creating foods with flavor touched by fire and accented with smoke. This book explains how to use natural elements and the art of plank – grilling, inspired by the Natives of the Northwest. This modern method adapts itself itself to the home grill where seasoned meats and seafood cook slowly in their own oils an flavors while the distinctive aromas fill the air. This is truly the modern definitive guide to an elemental culinary art incorporating wood, hot stones and your special touch. Included among the 36 fabulous recipes is Pistachio Crusted Sea Scallops on Maple, Oak Planked honey Garlic Chicken Thighs with Cinnamon, Apple Fruitwood Planked Halibut Steaks with Smoked Apple, Thyme & Black Pepper Butter, Cedar Planked Rack of Lamb with Maple Pecan Mustard Crust and Brandade Cod Cakes on Hot Stone with Lemon Thyme Aioli. 96 pages with 50 color photographs in a 10” x 8” hardcover. ISBN: 7-09786-00175