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Summer Tree of Enchantment Ball by Kitras Art Glass


SKU: 75758


  • 2 inches
  • Indoor or Outdoor
  • Made of art glass

Kitras Art Glass is artisan-made, making each piece unique and individual. The intention behind Kitras' Summer Tree of Enchantment Ball is encapsulating the brilliance of the summer sun through high-quality colored glass and design. The power behind each globe is they can hang inside and outside. Find a place in your home that gets amazing light and let the sun expose the intention of color and form that these handmade globes hold. An outpouring of leaves atop the summer tree honors the abundance of life that summer displays, allowing you to bring the same magical feeling in or outside your home. 

Kitras Art Glass honors the artisan way of creating, taking pride in the process of hand blowing glass through honing each skilled step. Starting the process of gathering the heat-treated glass and then fusing the colors, the skilled glassblowers approach the elements of creating the globes in flow, ultimately giving each piece its own unique touch. With your purchase of a Summer Tree of Enchantment Ball comes the promise of knowing you have a one-of-a-kind art glass.