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Susan Winget "Baby Jesus" Ne'Qwa Ornament


Brand: Ne'Qwa
SKU: 67194
  • 3'' High. Petite Marquis Shape
  • Mouth Blown Glass 
  • Distributed in America

with the holiday season upon us, the time has come to frantically rush around trying to find the right decorations, food, presents and on and on. But maybe this year we could all take a brief moment to remember the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of our lord and savior, Jesus of Nazareth. The Susan Winget "Baby Jesus" Ne'Qwa Ornament will act as a gentle reminder that no matter how materialized our world might become, the truth behind the Christmas holiday is one of love and forgiveness, and the ultimate sacrifice. 

Ne'Qwa Art company is located in Lewisville, Texas. Their Glass Ornaments are crafted from mouth blown glass and a brush as fine as a single hair is used to accomplish the intricate designs. In addition, each piece comes with its own luxurious presentation case to help you preserve their beauty for years to come. So get the Susan Winget "Baby Jesus" Ne'Qwa Ornament, and let it be a reverent reminder of the meaning of Christmas.