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Susan Winget Land That I Love Snowman Ornament by Inner Beauty


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  • 3" in diameter
  • Handpainted from the inside
  • Features artwork from Susan Winget

Give a little love to Christmas and a little love to America with the Susan Winget Land That I Love Ornament by Inner Beauty. Susan Winget is a prolific artist who has been painting with watercolors since 1982. It began as what she calls a way to make "butter and egg" money for her family, but has blossomed into a thriving artistic endeavor. She is proud to say that her art can be brought into your home in so many different ways: original paintings, home decor, furniture, and these beautiful glass Christmas ornaments. Her unique style is easily recognizable and brings added charm to your already stunning Christmas tree! 

Inner Beauty glass ornaments follow the ancient traditions of painting on the inside of glass in reverse. This first began when Chinese artists would paint the interiors of glass snuff bottles, which are now on display at museums all over the world. They began with a blown glass ornament and then using specially bent brushes, must think about their work of art in reverse. The details must be applied first and then the background. It truly takes skill to be able to visualize a painting in such a way. Each Inner Beauty ornament also comes with a velvet-lined, pre-shaped box for safe keeping. This is the type of Christmas ornament that quickly becomes a family heirloom. Show off your American pride with the Susan Winget Land That I Love Snowman Ornament by Inner Beauty!