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Susan Winget "Love U!" Ne'Qwa Ornament


Brand: Ne'Qwa
SKU: 67195

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2.5'' High, Petite Round Shape

Mouth Blown Glass

Distributed in America

What Makes Christmas such a special time of year? Is it all of the annual food and drink of the season, or perhaps the Presents we all rush around getting for one another? Or is it simply all of the love that is shared between family and friends. Whatever it is, with the Susan Winget "Love U!" Ne'Qwa Ornament, you can add a dazzling new ornament to your tree, and at the same time let everyone know that love is the true ingredient for a true Christmas!

Designed by artist Susan Winget and Ne’Qwa Art with the age old technique of hand painting in reverse on the inside of hand-blown glass. This technique ensures that the artwork is both clear, and resistant to erosion of the paint, being protected more on the inside of the glass than out. This particular ornament has a charming deep red decorative background, with a snowman holding a sign that simply says "Love u". So Give yourself a gift that will help you display your Christmas spirit with the Susan Winget "Love U!" Ne'Qwa Ornament!