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Susan Winget "Puppies and Presents" Ne'Qwa Ornament


Brand: Ne'Qwa
SKU: 67167

This product is on order

  • 5.5" tall, standard trillion shape
  • Adjustable tassel cord
  • Mouth-blown glass ornament
  • Hand-painted design

This cherry vintage red pickup truck has picked up more than the family Christmas tree! It's full with the wonderful combination of presents and puppies! How wonderfully thrilled will the kids be! The cute puppies are all decked out in their holly collars and are tumbling around in Santa's bag! There is nothing more quintessentially nostalgic Christmas than this combination of wonderful things! Ne'Qwa artist Susan Winget brings her incredible talent to this special addition to your holiday decor!

Ne'Qwa (pronounced nay-kwa) is the Mandarin term for the centuries old tradition of hand-painting on the inside of mouth-blown glass. From outlining to shading and coloring , all the work that goes into these beautiful ornaments if painstakingly hand-done by skilled and experienced artists. Each of these works of ornament art come with a certificate of authenticity and are packages into a special satin-lined and hinged gift box.