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T-Bone Steak Ornament by Old World Christmas


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  • 4 1/2"
  • Blown Glass Ornament
  • Hand Painted

Have you ever found yourself daydreaming about steak; the perfect char lines running along the cut, the beautiful brown texture, the juice dripping off of it? Good news, The T-Bone Steak Ornament by Old World Christmas might be just what you've been trying to find to express your deep love of steak. Made using methods that originated in the 1800's, this piece of grade A meat is a mouth blown glass ornament. Each detail is decorated on meticulously to ensure that when it's hanging on your tree this holiday season, you might have to try and stop guests from taking a bite.

Old World Christmas was founded in 1979, and has strived to become the standard of glass ornaments in the U.S. They use hand crafted molds to blow molten glass into, thus ensuring the detail that Old World customers have come to expect, and with over 1400 designs accredited to their name, they have one of the largest selections in the country, which means that there is something for everyone at Old World Christmas.

So whether you like it well done or rare, the T-Bone Steak Ornament by Old World Christmas will be the prized possession of any butcher or steak lover that you have in your family.