Tamarack Copper Mine Bracelet by Montana Leather Designs


SKU: 80420


  • Size: 7.5" inches
  • Made in Montana
  • Magnetic Clasp

Montana Leather Designs focuses on making the highest-quality bracelets using traditional leather techniques founded in saddle making. Their sturdy, leather bands are made to last and their magnetic clasps make for an easy on and off for this Tamarack Copper Mine Bracelet. Atop lies the copper enameled glass bead made with the traditional technique of fusing glass powder to copper. Each bracelet will be unique to itself because of this technique. Show off your taste for quality with this classy and stunning bracelet. 

Montana Leather Designs company makes Montana inspired jewelry - they even name their products after various different Montana locations. The skilled artists use traditional methods of saddle making to make the sturdy leather straps and a traditional practice of fusing glass powder to the copper beads to create the glass enameled wildfire copper mine bead. The Montana Gift Corral is proud to carry their product for anyone looking to be closer to Montana through authentic, Montanan-leather jewelry.