The Big Easy Snack Mix by Hammond's Candies


SKU: 78776
  • Rocky Mountain Made
  • 6.5 oz

Sometimes all you need is a high-quality trail mix to give you enough energy to conquer your day. Here at Montana Gift Corral, we are proud to offer a variety of heart-healthy trail mixes from Hammond's Candies. While we do have several to choose from, The Big Easy Snack Mix by Hammond's Candies is definitely one of our favorites. With the perfect balance of cajun peanuts, taco sesame ticks, cheddar whales, and rice crackers, this filling snack mix is just what you need to tide you over. 

Hammond's Candies, a company based in Denver, CO, is known for its delicious variety of high-quality candies and snacks. Using primarily locally sourced ingredients, this company's creations feature a superior quality flavor. For over 100 years people from all over the nation have relied on Hammond's to fill their every sweet and savory craving, and we believe they will continue to do so far into the future! 

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