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The Real Wolf by Ted B. Lyon & Will N. Graves


SKU: 60001
  • 368 Pages
  • Published in Montana

“The unprescedented wolf repopulation program – that brought 66 wolves from Canada to the Northern Roskiesin 1995 and 1996 [allowed] the population to skyrocket to at least 10 times the number called for in the original plan … a you will learn, introducing Canadian wolves into a modern social landscape is a serious problem … the intentions may be honorable, but the results can be catastrophic.”

 - from chapter 2: Selling the Wolf

Author, wolf specialist, and trial lawyer Ted B. Lyon examines the catastrophic effects of increasing wolf populations from the spread of infectious disease to wildlife and livestock alike, to the dwindling of elk, deer, moose, sheep and other populations. With over 37 years of experience with complex litigation, Lyon eloquently, convincingly, and concisely argues his case in this fascinating read for wildlife enthusiasts and professionals alike. Despite his somewhat unconventional and perhaps controversial approach to the wolf question, Lyon retains a level of respect for these creatures throughout his book.

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