The Watershed Years by Russell Rowland


SKU: 68880
  • 368 Pages
  • Local Montana Author
  • Published in Montana

“I wondered again, as I had so many times, what mysterious hold this land has on its people. How can it be that a place that pummels people so thoroughly, that asks them to sacrifice everything, can still manage to take you in its arms and comfort you into thinking it's going to take care of you? What is it about this flat, expressionless expanse of dirt that tells us these lies?"

 - from pages 127-128

A sequel to Montana author Russell Rowland’s first novel "In Open Spaces", this book picks up again with the story of the Eastern Montana ranch family the Arbuckles. When the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of the family patriarch George, the family begins to suspect a culprit among their own number. Family loyalty dictates no action be taken until the evidence becomes overwhelming, but proof isn’t as easy to come by as some might think.

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