The Yellowstone National Park Cookbook by Durrae Johanek


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Western Book Category: “ The Yellowstone National Park Cookbook” is a specialty among Cook Books with a unique theme. There are recipes for great food, stories and history combined in this book to create a memorable feast in your home. More than a dozen park personalities share their favorite recipes while telling a little bit about their lives in the world's first national park. Suzanne Lewis talks about her “typical” day as the park's first woman superintendent and shares her recipes for special stews, salads and appetizers. Park geologist Cheryl Jaworoski explains how Norris Geyser Basin led her to create her Norris Egg Salad Sandwiches and ranger Joe Bueter saves the day with rescue cookies. Enjoy those and so many other stories and recipes that you'll find in the spectacular cook Books selection offered through our distinctive Western Book collection. 179 pages in a paperback. ISBN: 978-1-931832-78-6