Tiger Swallowtail and Lilac Card by Claire Emery Art


SKU: 80282


  • Printed on Recycled Paper
  • Measures about 4.25" x 5.5"
  • Made in Montana

If you ever look to the plains in Montana, you can probably catch a glimpse of a Western Tiger Swallowtail! Due to these butterflies being easily recognizable, they are often peoples favorites! Give the gift of nature with the Tiger Swallowtail and Lilac Card by Claire Emery Art and show that butterfly enthusiast how much they mean to you! Write a special heartfelt message inside and watch your love soar, like a butterfly!

This stunning art is what you get after working with botanists, scientists, and conservationists for 20 years! Claire Emery creates beautiful pieces that she knows will unite art, science, and vitality. Through the medium of woodblock carving, she creates artwork that speaks to everyone! Get yourself in touch with nature with art by Claire Emery!

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