Tippa Black Bears Canoe Magnet by Mother Moose Enterprises


SKU: 49799


  • Designed in Montana
  • Wildlife-inspired design
  • Great Montana keepsake

Many people know Montana for its large population of grizzly bears, however, black bears are oftentimes overlooked! Black bears are much smaller than the typical grizzly bear, weighing in between 180-250 lbs, with the heaviest weighing around 400 lbs! These adorable creatures are much less aggressive than grizzly bears - however, we still recommend keeping your distance! If you love black bears as much as we do, you need to get your hands on the Tippa Black Bears Canoe Magnet by Mother Moose Enterprises. This adorable magnet features two black bears in a Montana-inspired canoe. Cute!

Mother Moose Enterprises, a company based out of Missoula, Montana, is well-known for its production of sentimental Montana souvenirs that remind individuals of precious moments spent in the Big Sky State. From magnets to ornaments, these unique keepsakes are exactly what you need to add a touch of Montana to any space.

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