Tracery Design Messenger Bag by Myra Bag


Brand: Myra Bag
SKU: 75930


  • Materials: canvas, leather, and hairon
  • Measures 10 1/4" by 7 1/4"
  • All canvas is upcycled from old military tents

For the funky, fashionable person on the go, there's nothing neater than a Tracery Design Messenger Bag by Myra Bag. Sustainable and just plain ol' good looking, you're going to be obsessing over all the details of the best leather messenger bag out there. Actually, this bag is a combination of traditional leather, hairon leather, and upcycled canvas that comes from retired military tents. While the back flap and the main compartment have that stylish classic leather look, the front flap is where the magic happens. Combining neat geometric designs and a fun cowhide look, the corners are finished with tan patches for a hint of that industrial vibe. They also match the shoulder strap, pulling the whole thing together.

While you'll fall in love with the look, you're also going to love the utility of this canvas and leather messenger bag. Spacious and roomy inside, this is wonderful for farmer's market trips or other fun shopping day drinks. The outside has a zippered pocket for those particularly important items that you don't want lost or stolen. The strap is also removable if you want to make this more of a clutch style. The strap itself measures 22 1/5" long, making this comfortable for any shoulder height. No matter where you take this bag, we're certain you're going to love it. So get out there and get on the go with the Tracery Design Messenger Bag by Myra Bag.