Tree of Knowledge Enchantment Ball by Kitras Art Glass


SKU: 75753


  • Crafted from glass
  • Size: 2" diameter
  • Glass loop on top for easy hanging

Enchantment Ball ornaments by Kitras Art Glass have taken off in popularity of late. And for good reason! Enchanting is the perfect word to describe these unique, stunning, and even magical-looking ornaments. The Tree of Knowledge ornament colors and design draw the viewer in and hold them there in a kind of timeless dream combining the natural world and the surreal. It can be an almost meditative experience staring into these ornaments, and the Tree of Knowledge Enchantment Ball is no exception.  

Perfecting their hand-blown glass ornaments for over two decades, Kitras Art Glass is Canada's largest hot glass studio. All designs are meticulously created by artist Stephen Kitras and each is crafted from recycled glass. The company has remained family-owned, with Stephen's children being the driving force of bringing these magical glass ornaments into the marketplace.

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