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Tree of Luck Enchantment Ball by Kitras Art Glass


SKU: 73190


  • Approx. 2" diameter
  • Glass loop for hanging
  • Handcrafted from blown glass

Sometimes it may seem that Lady Luck doesn't look down on us, but we can't help but live life without worry! Give the gift of luck with the Tree of Luck Enchantment Ball by Kitras Art Glass! Tree of Enchantment Balls have many different meanings, it's so hard to only choose one. Picture the beautiful scene of hanging these colorful glass ornaments, the light hitting them and illuminating the room in a swarm of color. Not only are you giving the gift of luck, but also beauty!

These wonderous works of art come from Canada's largest hot glass studio! Each piece is designed, created and shipped out of Fergus, Ontario. Kitras Art Glass constantly strives to improve their process and product by creating stunning art for today, while continuing to look towards the possibilities of the future. All designs are meticulously created by artist Stephen Kitras and the great thing about the Enchantment Trees and their development is that each one is completely unique, no two are alike!  

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