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Trieste Cordova "Rejoice" Ne'Qwa Ornament


Brand: Ne'Qwa
SKU: 67201

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  • 3'' High, Petite Princess Shape
  • Mouth Blown Glass
  • Distributed in America

Christmas is almost here, and that means loved ones from all over the world will come together and celebrate by eating good foods, drinking and being merry, and getting presents for one another! And all of this because of the birth of the baby Jesus. Now with Trieste Cordova "Rejoice" Ne'Qwa Ornament you can get a very stylish ornament to let everyone know that while presents are cool, Jesus is way better! The bauble is a deep black with a golden stag silhouette decorating the front. This ornament will look great on any Christmas tree, and serve as a humble reminder of the birth of our lord and savior.

Ne'Qwa Ornaments are made using an age old technique of painting the ornament from the inside of the glass, which reduces the wear and tear on the ornament over time and greatly reduces the chances for chips in the ornaments paint. Using quality mouth blown glass for each ornament, Ne'Qwa aims to make every ornament as special as the family who's tree it adorns. So get the Trieste Cordova "Rejoice" Ne'Qwa Ornament, and let the true meaning of the season fill your heart.