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Triple X Sand Art by Klaus Bosch


SKU: 55980

5.75" by 16.25" by 1.75"

Watching the sand slowly fall is really soothing to sit back and relax after a long hard day. Every time the sand falls down to the bottom new mountains, valleys, and dunes create a grand picture with all the different layers of the sand. What makes this piece amazing is that when all the sand is at the bottom just turn it on a different side to see the sand create another beautiful image. Every sand picture is made out of air, sand, and water surrounded by a gorgeous frame that comes in several colors and styles. Klaus Bosch designs all the sand art and the amazing sand art pictures. No matter what sand picture you have it will last forever because there is a way to add air and take out air, which is included in every piece you buy. This is the perfect gift for someone who has everything or the perfect gift just for you! You get to pick out any of the three amazing designs, so take a look at all of them!