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Trout Aluminum Trivet by Big Sky Carvers


SKU: 68445
  • Carved on Aluminum
  • Designed by local carvers
  • 8" x 8" x 1"

Add a rustic, western feel to your dinner table with Trout Aluminum Trivet by Big Sky Carvers. The carved trivet will make a great center piece for any home looking to create a cozy, Montana feel. Designed by carvers in the Big Sky area, this piece of art will accentuate the room subtly and beautifully thematic. Crafted from aluminum, this sturdy trivet can last throughout the years in your home and will help keep your table in pristine shape.

The local carver created a beautifully rendered trout swimming through the aquatic plants that fill the river bed. Detailed from gills to fins, the trout is a great piece of art to adorn your table for family gatherings and friend filled nights.

Inspired by the snow-capped mountains and trout-filled streams of Montana, Big Sky Carvers has been collaborating with artists and designers for over 35 years. Allowing western art to be accessed all over the world, Big Sky Carvers offers something almost anyone can find perfect for them and their home.