Trout Pin by Alaska Wild and Free


SKU: 81854


  • Pin to anything
  • Small size
  • Perfect gift

This rainbow trout pin is the perfect gift to give to a kid who just caught their first rainbow trout. Put this pin on shirts, backpacks, cork boards or anything else you want to see this pin. Pin this directly to you hat and show off your love of this beautiful fish to everyone who looks your way, you can even have a matching pin to share with your fishing partners.

Alaska Wild and Free is a one woman show based out of Anchorage Alaska, her name is Kristi and she is a professional writer and artist who pulls her inspiration for her art from the wild lands of Alaska. Here in Montana we share a few similarities with Alaska when it comes to wild land, and wildlife. So it makes perfect sense for us to have Alaska Wild and Free in the Montana Gift Corral, because we love the wild side of nature!