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Ultra-Hydrating Hand Creme by Natural Inspirations (8 Scents)


SKU: 73131


  • 3.2 oz
  • 100% Vegan
  • Gluten-Free
  • Hypoallergenic

 Keep your skin hydrated during the hot Montana summers with the delightful Ultra-Hydrating Hand Creme by Natural Inspirations! The Ultra-Hydrating Hand Creme is a hydrating lotion that is designed to help lock in moisture so your skin doesn't get too dehydrated. Montana is known for its hot summers and the dry air can easily dry out your skin, making it crack painfully. However, with the Ultra-Hydrating Hand Creme you won't have to worry about that nearly as much! And the Ultra-Hydrating Hand Creme comes in four different scents, so you can mix and match different scents or pick your favorite! From a refreshing Sea Salt Citrus to a soothing Lavender Ylang to a subtle Coconut Vanilla, the Ultra-Hydrating Hand Creme has a scent for everyone and every occasion!

Natural Inspirations was founded with the desire to help women make small changes in their daily lives that help make their lives happier and healthier. Founded by best friend duo Julie Ekelund & Nancy Evensen, they wanted to make a difference in the lives of women everywhere. With the goal to provide people with healthy, pure, and natural body products, Natural Inspirations was created! Whichever Natural Inspiration product you use, you should always feel pampered and cared for, because you deserve it. 

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