Vintage Badger Ornament by Old World Christmas


SKU: 73927


  • 2 X 2.25 X 3.25 
  • Hand-blown glass
  • Wildlife Inspired

Badgers don’t usually hibernate, but sometimes they will sleep for a few days or weeks in their dens during the coldest part of winter, so that means they are most likely awake for Christmas! Don't you want to spend Christmas with this lovely little fellow? The Vintage Badger Ornament by Old World Christmas is accurately painted to give you that true badger feeling. Old World Christmas lets you buy various animal friends to make your tree a true forest! Get yourself some bears, badgers, raccoon, buffalo, moose, elk, you name it! 

A family-run business since 1979, Old World Christmas offers a wonderful vast array of Christmas Ornaments to fit every interest, age, and decorating style. Ranging from traditional to whimsical, these ornaments are all created with the same care and process to assure that they offer the highest quality possible. The ornaments are carefully mouth-blown into a mold, then cooled, hand painted, and glittered with a wonderful attention to detail noticeable in each piece; then attached is a pinch pin or a hooking loop to make hanging easy! Let your Christmas tree reflect who you are this year and every year to come with ornaments from Old World Christmas! 

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