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Vintage Hedgehog Ornament by Old World Christmas


SKU: 73919


  • Measurements: 1.75 X 2 X 3
  • Mouth-blown glass ornament
  • Hand-painted/glittered

Known for the prickly spines that cover their body, Hedgehogs are an adorable mammals that are beloved by many. In fact, many people keep them as pets! These adorable creatures use their spines as a form of self-defense and are known for curling into a tight ball when threatened - protecting their vulnerable areas. If you think Hedgehogs are just as adorable as we do, make sure to check out the Vintage Hedgehog Ornament by Old World Christmas. This unique Christmas ornament is made from blown glass and decorated to replicate the mercury finish of traditional Victorian ornaments. So cool!

Old World Christmas is one of our favorite vendors here at Montana Gift Corral. This unique company is proud to offer the largest variety of mouth-blown glass ornaments on the market, and we can personally attest to the high-quality nature of these keepsakes. If you've always wanted a wildlife-inspired ornament to hand on your Christmas tree, the Vintage Hedgehog Ornament by Old World Christmas is perfect for you!

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