Warmies Flamingo by Intelex USA


SKU: 78446
  • Measures approx. 13"
  • Safe for all ages
  • Scented with real dried French Lavender

Did you know that when flamingo chicks are born they are completely gray or white? In fact, it can take up to three years for a flamingo to achieve its iconic pink color! If you are as big of a fan as flamingos as we are, you need to pick up the Warmies Flamingo by Intelex USA. With the ability to be heated or cooled, this adorable plush is exactly what you need to achieve the maximum level of comfort. Can't sleep at night? Pick up the Warmies Flamingo. Struggling with minor muscle aches and pains? Pick up the Warmies Flamingo! 

One of our favorite brands here at the Montana Gift Corral is undoubtedly Intelex USA. We are obsessed with these plush animals that are both adorable and therapeutic! With the ability to be heated or cooled, all Warmies products are perfect for those of you who need a little extra comfort. In addition to being an excellent therapeutic option, Warmies are scented with real french lavender carefully source from Provence, France.

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