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Warmies Junior Plush Cow by Intelex USA


SKU: 75419


  • About 9" tall
  • Scented with French Lavender
  • Heat or cool removable pack
  • Safe for all ages

Get ready for some legen-DAIRY comfort and warmth! The Warmies Junior Plush Cow by Intelex USA is ready to come home to any farm, house, apartment, or anywhere thats with you! Scented with French lavender, this little cow is be best bedtime companion! Whether it's warm or cold out is no problem, because he can be heated in the microwave for a warm cuddle or put in the freezer for a soothing night free from overheating! Not to mention this little guy is sooo soft! 

All of these Warmies come with a removable heat pack. If your little one is feeling sick, take out the pack and pop it in the microwave for just 30 seconds and pop the pack back into your cuddle buddy for an instantly extra soothing stuffed animal for your kids. Or, if it's a fever that's the problem, chill the pack in the freezer to help cool down! Combined with that fresh lavender scent, and this is all about comfort! So welcome your new best snuggle buddy, Warmies Junior Plush Cow by Intelex USA! But be sure to give him a name all his own!