Warmies Moose by Intelex USA


SKU: 75417


  • Chill or heat for comfort
  • Scented with real French lavender
  • Approx. 13" by 8"

Cuddle up with a Warmies Moose by Intelex USA and stay snuggly and comforted all night long!  Just look at this little guy's face! Something about that little half-smile will instantly make you happier. And whether you're not feeling good or just need something to comfort you, this moose will do the trick. Inside him, you'll find a packet filled with French lavender. The scent alone will soothe you, but the added bonus is you can pop the packet in the microwave for heat or the freezer for cold, depending on what makes you feel better. It's extra cuddle power!

Intelex USA began in 1995 and has been making temperature-changing stuffed animals ever since! While they've dabbled in a few other items for wellness and health, this is their bread and butter. The lavender is balanced with flaxseed to give your Moose Warmies a little extra weight. There's just something relaxing about snuggling up with a stuffed animal with real substance. Depending on the ambient room temperature, your Warmies should stay heated for 40-45 minutes, but the lavender scent will always be there to soothe you. Winter or summer, sickness or snuggles, you're going to quickly fall in love with the Warmies Moose by Intelex USA.