Warmies Sloth Plush by Intelex USA


SKU: 73781


  • 6" x 2" x 4"
  • Scented with Real French Lavender
  • Fully microwavable

Searching for the perfect bedtime buddy, daytime friend, or travel companion?  Look no further!  This Warmies Sloth is exactly who you need to keep the loneliness at bay!  Sloths are known for being very chill and laid back. Bring a new friend on board who is known to go with the flow and will sit by your side through all of your adventures!

The Warmies Sloth Plush by Intelex USA is scented with real French lavender, carefully sourced from Provence! This appealing scent is perfect for promoting an ultra-relaxing atmosphere, without being overbearing.  In addition to the awesome smell, all Warmies products have the ability to be heated or cooled.  Simply throw them in your freezer or microwave for an heating or cooling relief!  This product is ideal for those of you who suffer from muscle aches and pains, or simply need some warm company throughout the night!