Warmies Soft Pink Elephant by Intelex USA


SKU: 73772


  • Pink Elephant Warmies (13") 
  • Scented with Real French Lavender
  • Safe for all Ages

What will we do! What an unusual view! You don't have to be Dumbo to see how cute this Pink Elephant is! The Warmies Soft Pink Elephant by Intelex USA is such a soft scented plushie, you'll want to take him everywhere! This little elephant is the best listener and he's the best friend to hold when you are scared or sad! For warm summer nights, put this little guy in the freezer for a soothing cuddle! Having trouble sleeping during those cold winter nights? Pop your Pink Elephant in the microwave for a warm sleepy hug! 

Worry not about how long your Warmies product will last because all Warmies products can be re-heated hundreds of times, giving you a friend to last forever! Whether you want to experience warming or cooling relief, any Warmies stuffed animal makes it so easy to get the relief you need. We assure you that you will have a night of restful sleep and soft cuddles with the Warmies Soft Pink Elephant by Intelex USA!