Warmies White Unicorn Junior Plush by Intelex USA


SKU: 75424


  • Safe for all Ages
  • 9”x 5”x 2”
  • Scented with lavender

Have you ever wished for a magical friend that will stay by your side when things get scary? Well the fairies have heard your wish and made your new best friend out of the fluffiest clouds! Her name is Powderpuff and she can't wait to be your snuggle buddy. This Warmies White Unicorn Junior Plush by Intelex USA comes with a little rainbow horn because she's so full of friendship magic. The best thing about her is that she can give you warm or cool hugs depending on what you wish for! Powderpuff is also scented with lavender to help keep away nightmares because if you didn't know, monsters hate the smell of lavender! If you are looking for more unicorn friends, we recommend getting the Warmies Unicorn Hugs Plush by Intelex USA which come with reattachable velcro hands to hug any Warmies Plush friend!

Warm, cold and anything inbetween, Warmies can do it all! Warmies plushies are comfort creators and are super easy to adjust to whatever temperature you like! Pop them in the microwave or the freezer depending on what you like!