We are Three Wall Art by Sharon Nowlan


Brand: Demdaco
SKU: 77171


  • Size 8"w, 10"h
  • Triangle hangers
  • Materials, wood, paper, glass

Some things in life shouldn't be over complicated, and Sharon Nowlan's pebble art is a very good example and reminder to be happy with the simple things. This beautifully designed wall art of a small family together helps remind us to be happy and to care for one another as a family would do the same. Hang, or set this piece in your home for you and everyone else who sees it can be reminded of the very same thing.

Demdaco has a long standing reputation of supporting artists from all around the world and providing their customers with high quality products and gifts to give to their friends and family. Sharon Nowlan's art is some of our favorite pieces here at the Montana Gift Corral and we know you will enjoy it in your home as well.