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What Dogs Teach Us by Glenn Dromgoole


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Western Book: “What Dogs Teach Us” is a must – have selection of Dog Books that is available from our Pet Books gallery. Dogs are our best friends for many reasons. First among those reasons is their pure passion for the joy and simplicity that life has to offer. Dogs have an innate ability to remind us of the uncomplicated happiness that we can find in life. “What Dogs Teach Us” is a lighthearted guide to these lessons. This book is the perfect gift for all dog lovers and those who appreciate Dog Books with an enlightening and humorous side. Treat yourself to “What Dogs Teach Us” from the collection of many Pet Books available and you’ll grin every time you turn the page. 112 pages with over 100 full color photographs in a 5.5” x 5.5” hardcover. ISBN: 978-57223-268-6