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What Horses Teach Us by Glenn Dromgoole


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“What Horses Teach Us” is a humorous and insightful Horse Book available from our extensive Western Book gallery. Horse lovers everywhere know that there is much we can learn by watching and caring for horses. All aspects of the lives of horses, blazing new trails, pulling a load, hurdling obstacles or simply savoring the day in a meadow can be related to the activities in our own lives. This fantastic Horse Book reminds each of us that there are always lessons to learn about how to deal with friendships, work – place issues, family and self respect. Bring “What Horses Teach Us” home from our Western Book collection and smile with every insightful page. “What Horse Teach Us” is 112 pages with over 100 color photographs in a 5.5” x 5.5” hardcover. ISBN:1-57223-579-9