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Whippiti Wapiti Elk Montana Magnet by Mother Moose Enterprises


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  • Designed in Montana
  • Wildlife-inspired design
  • Great collector's item!

Did you know that Montana has the second-largest elk population in the country? In fact, there are nearly 150,000 of these massive mammals in the Big State. Elk are commonly called wapiti - which is Shawnee for "white rump". These fascinating creatures can run up to 40 mph, and can even jump up to 8 feet vertically! While spending time here in the great state of Montana, you need to pick up the Whippiti Wapiti Elk Montana Magnet by Mother Moose Enterprises! This fun three-dimensional magnet is exactly what you need to reminisce on fond memories spent in the big sky state. 

Since 1986, Mother Moose Enterprises has been known for crafting a wide variety of wildlife and nature-inspired souvenirs. What once started as a hobby is now a flourishing business in handcrafting personalized ornaments, figurines, and more! If you are looking for a fun and whimsy keepsake to remind you of the treasure state, look no further than Mother Moose Enterprises! 

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