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Wild Huckleberry Boxed Votive Candle by Huckleberry Haven


SKU: 37212


  • 16-hour burn time
  • Made in Montana
  • Hand-poured

When you can't spend warm summer days basking in a meadow filled with huckleberry bushes, you can at least bring that scent into your home! This Wild Huckleberry Boxed Votive Candle by Huckleberry Haven adds a simple and sweet touch of the Rocky Mountains to any gift. It's a wonderful addition to a huckleberry gift basket or maybe just as a nice way to accent a tea light you might already have in your home. Made with hand-poured wax and the fresh, ripe scent of summer huckleberries in Montana, just imagine yourself having a relaxing evening at home while this candle glows beautifully in the background. 

Each box of these Montana hand-crafted candles contains a single votive of delicious-smelling huckleberry heaven. The makers at Huckleberry Haven are experts on everyone's favorite mountain berry. Their cannery is located right near Glacier National Park, which is prime territory for the most delicious Montana huckleberries. They specialize in foods but dabble in home goods as well. Give this Montana-made product to a friend or family member. Enjoy the wonderful aroma of huckleberries while you soothe your senses with this WIld Huckleberry Boxed Votive Candle by Huckleberry Haven.