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Wild Huckleberry Candle by Boondocks Candle Co. (3 sizes)


SKU: 84102


  • Hand-Poured
  • Locally-sourced wax
  • Made in Montana 

Light this Wild Huckleberry Candle by Boondocks Candle Co and let the subtle sweetness of wild huckleberry fill your room. This candle takes you to one of the best times in Montana, Huckleberry season. Think of hiking to your favorite huckleberry stash as you wrap up in a blanket with a nice cup of coffee or tea. The perfect way to stretch those warm days of summer into fall and winter. And though huckleberries only grow wild in the Pacific Northwest region, that's exactly why this candle exists. You don't have to travel to experience that intoxicating scent. You can bring this candle into your home and get a little taste of that Rocky Mountain region every time you light it.

Boondocks Candle Co. is a completely grassroots company from Ennis, Montana. Ennis is a beautiful town not far from Yellowstone National Park's west entrance and is known for its blue ribbon fly fishing, fantastic 4th of July rodeo, and sweeping vistas. So much of that vibrancy and culture goes into the candles that Boondocks creates. Chris is the master wax pourer and his wife Robin is the artist who creates the beautiful labels inspired by the wild lands around them. Together they come up with the scents and the names that remind them of their favorite areas of Montana. These candles are uniquely Montana made and there's nothing that says Montana more than a Wild Huckleberry Candle by Boondocks Candle Co.