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Wild Huckleberry Fudge by Huckleberry Haven


SKU: 70679

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  • 3 ounces
  • Creamy Chocolate Fudge
  • Real Huckleberries

I don't know if it's the fudge that makes the huckleberries better or the huckleberries that make the fudge better. Either way, Huckleberry Haven may have created the perfect thing with their Wild Huckleberry Fudge. Creamy chocolate fudge with real huckleberries in the mix is basically the recipe for happy and you can order yourself 3 ounces of happy right here!

Our friends at Huckleberry Haven are located just outside of Glacier National Park and have been making all sorts of wild berry delicacies since 1987. When you see Huckleberry Haven on the label, you know you're getting something delicious that was made with pride right here in Montana.