Wild Pearle Bear Charm by A.T. Storrs


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Charms symbolize turning points in the wearer's life, such as a birthday, graduation, wedding, or the birth of children! This beautiful Wild Pearle Bear Charm by A.T. Storrs will be a welcome addition to any bracelet adding a pop of beautiful iridescent colors synonymous with the dancing colors in the Aurora Borealis! The bear silhouette paired with the tangled hues of blue, green and yellow captures the spirit of the north, making the Wild Pearle Bear Charm by A.T. Storrs an amazing heartfelt gift for any loved one!

A.T. Storrs is dedicated to selling memorable moments and fulfilling wishes! Started in an apartment in 1975,  they have since flourished now occupying a 25,000 square foot facility with a staff of forty people. Storrs is also known for being an environmentally conscious company. They have put major consideration in for their facility's location, plastic waste and energy efficiency, A.T. Storrs is definitely a guilt-free jeweler!