Wild Pearle Bear Filagree Earrings by A.T. Storrs


SKU: 72838


  • Hypo-Allergenic Posts
  • Includes Gray Earring Box
  • Silver-colored Posts

You haven't seen an earring capture the essence of the North until now. These exquisite Wild Pearle Bear Filagree Earrings by A.T. Storrs will remind you where home really is. Using the silhouette of a bear, Storrs demonstrates its experience with using Wild Pearle. Wild gem-quality pearls are almost always nacreous and iridescent, like the interior of the shell that produces them. These colors have also been seen naturally in the northern sky in the Aurora Borealis. Seeing the dancing lights within the bear gives you a sense of the true vastness of the wild. The way A.T. Storrs represents sky, land, and sea in the Wild Pearle Bear Filagree Earrings is something to behold. 

A.T. Storrs is dedicated to selling memories and fulfilling wishes. The company started in an apartment in 1975 and since then has flourished now occupying a 25,000 square foot facility with a staff of forty people. Storrs also prides themselves on being environmentally conscious. Putting in major consideration for their facility's location, plastic waste and energy efficiency, A.T. Storrs is definitely a guilt-free jeweler!