Wild Pearle Butterfly Charm by A.T. Storrs


SKU: 70240


  • Made from iridescent wild pearle
  • Crafted by a Vancouver, B.C. company
  • Depicts a beautiful butterfly

Around the world, the butterfly is a symbol of hope, rebirth and life. This Wild Pearle Butterfly Charm by A.T. Storrs is a shining is a portable and stylish way to carry that power with you! The shining iridescence and twisting colors almost give the impression of a butterfly unfurling it's wings ready to take flight. Its wings glisten in the sun, hopeful that its journey will be one of peace and happiness. The Wild Pearle Butterfly Charm by A.T. Storrs makes a great gift for a loved one starting a new journey in life. 

Wild Pearle Abalone Shell is a by-product of the fishing industry. Abalone shells have a natural iridescent sheen that make for beautiful and affordable jewelry, which is what A.T. Storrs, a Vancouver B.C. based company, is known for!