Wild Pearle Dragonflies Bracelet by A.T. Storrs


SKU: 77718


  • Crafted from Natural Abalone Shell
  • Hypoallergenic Plating
  • Measures approximately 7"

The Dragonfly often symbolizes change, transformation, and adaptability!  Given our current economic and social world conditions, what could be better symbol of hope!  As we transition back into our normal (pre-covid) lifestyles, it is essential to embrace change and to be as adaptable as possible!  Take some advice from a dragonfly and stay flexible as the world around us continues to reinvent itself! 

A.T. Storrs is known for their Wile Pearle line of jewelry.  This product line is crafted with naturally and sustainably sourced Abalone Shell.  Abalone Shells are incredible distinct and no two are quite alike.  You can be sure that with your purchase of the Wild Pearle Dragonflies Bracelet by A.T. Storrs, you will be receiving a completely unique piece of jewelry symbolizing your adaptability as a person navigating this wild world.