Wild Pearle Fiddles Earrings by A.T. Storrs


SKU: 77680


  • Made of Wild Pearle Abalone Shell
  • Dangle Earrings
  • Gift Box Included
  • Hypo-Allergenic Posts

The fiddle, an instrument first emerging in 10-century Europe, is a stringed instrument that is widely known throughout the world. Popular amongst European immigrants, this type of music is commonly played in an array of reels and jigs. If you have a passion for the fiddle, make sure to pick up our Wild Pearle Fiddles Earrings by A.T. Storrs! Crafted using Wild Pearle Abalone Shell, these colorful earrings will quickly become your go-to pair. Featuring hypo-allergenic posts, you can rest assured that your ears will not be irritated even if they are sensitive! 

A.T. Storrs is well-known for its collection of beautiful jewelry crafted from real abalone shells. Abalones are marine snails that live inside decorative shells. Abalone shells can range from iridescent shades of green, blue, yellow, and even pink! If you've been searching for the perfect pair of colorful earrings, the Wild Pearle Fiddles Earrings by A.T. Storrs will be perfect for you!

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