Wild Pearle Filagree Dragonfly Necklace by A.T. Storrs


SKU: 66411


  • Made from wild pearle abalone with silver trim
  • Jewelry case included!
  • Made by a Vancouver-based company

Dragonflies are symbols of courage, strength, and happiness in Japan. Now you can channel these characteristics, or gift them to a loved one, with this Wild Pearle Filagree Dragonfly Necklace by A.T. Storrs! Made from wild pearle abalone, this stunning silver necklace conveys the timeless elegance of the dragonfly - all on a durable silver chain!

Wild pearle abalone shell is a by-product of the fishing industry. Abalone shells have a natural iridescent sheen that makes for beautiful and affordable jewelry, which is what A.T. Storrs is known for! A.T. Storrs is a Vancouver, B.C.-based company that was founded in an apartment back in 1975, and has grown to a team of over 40 employees, including an in-house design team!