Wild Pearle Forget Me Not Necklace by A.T. Storrs


SKU: 72849


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Hand-crafted in Canada
  • Comes with lined gift box

It can be difficult to find beautiful, lightweight jewelry that compliments your style well. With the Wild Pearle Forget Me Not Necklace by A.T. Storrs, you're getting all of that and more. A.T. Storrs is a Canada-based company that started small; in fact, it started in an apartment in 1975. Today, they have a 25,000 square foot facility and over 40 employees. In their longevity and growth, they've always aspired to sell people memories and fulfill customer's wishes! 

Wild Pearle features a unique mix of colors, almost giving it a kaleidoscope feel. Including a stunning pearly iridescence, you know that each piece is completely unique. The Forget Me Not Necklace that you buy will not look like any others, just as varieties of Forget-Me-Not flowers never look the same.  Since this flower is a symbol of remembrance, now this necklace can be an eternal reminder from whoever gifts it to you! This is definitely a piece of beautiful jewelry that you'll want to show off to the world!