Wild Pearle Ocean Necklace by A.T. Storrs


SKU: 77700


  • Chain Length: 9" inches
  • Pendant Size: 1" inches
  • Brass Plated with Zinc Alloy

If you want a necklace that is subtle yet stunning, this Wild Pearle Ocean Necklace is for you. The pendant is a layered design. The top layer is made from brass plated zinc alloy and it's designed to resemble the pattern of ocean waves. Visible through the wave pattern is the base layer made entirely of wild pearle. The wild pearle resembles a fish scale with its vibrant colors that catch the light.

A.T. Storrs has been creating quality jewelry for over 46 years. They are lead by environmental awareness, using sustainable material and consciously creating with the earth in mind. The wild pearle line is made from the sustainable abalone shell, which is a byproduct of food fisheries out of New Zealand. When you buy from A.T. Storrs, you are sure to receive a high-quality product made sustainably and consciously. All metal components are nickel, lead, and cadmium free.