Wilderness Animals Long Matches by Paper Products Design


SKU: 80037


  • 8" x 2.5"
  • 40 match sticks in box
  • Wildlife Inspired

Whoever says matches are going out of style, has never seen a stylish match! The Wilderness Animals Long Matches by Paper Products Design brings you a fun matchbox design that surprises you when you find out they are matches! This box features a snowy aspen forest with eye-catching Montana wildlife in the foreground. Burning your finders are a thing of the past because these matches are long, giving you ample time and reachability! How great!

Paperproducts Design is passionate about connecting their customers to nature! By crafting wonderfully creative products, they depict wildlife from all different corners of the globe and are known for bringing joy and beauty to homes nationwide. They don't stop at matches though, they also offer a wide variety of home products like napkins and mugs as well! Discover products that are unique to your own personal style with Paperproducts Design! 

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