Wilderness Fox Small Square Plate by Paperproducts Design


SKU: 80050


  • 5.75" Square Plate
  • Dishwasher safe/ Microwave safe
  • Porcelain 

The fox is a pretty elusive animal. They love to come out and scamper around but as soon as they see you they bolt away! But if you ever get the privilege to see one of them close or far, you can agree that they are a very intriguing animal. This porcelain plate captures the awe that the fox inspires, you can use this plate for gatherings or for your whatever other activity you want that involves food. Also feel safe to put this plate in the microwave and in the dishwasher, because it's safe for both!

Paperproducts Design is an artist driven company that love to showcase the beautiful art of as many artists as they can! They started out with selling napkins showcasing artists, they then decided to expand into kitchenware featuring their artists as well! They love to provide their customers with high quality product as well as great service to keep you happy! The Montana Gift Corral loves to carry Paperproducts designs because of their high quality product and their great customer service!